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Choose your covenant and freely switch between them, along with choosing your soulbind. There are no restrictions to switching covenants, conduits, or soulbinds. Visit the Covenant Robot in the mall!
Custom M+ System
Along with custom dungeons, the server also features a custom mythic+ system. Battle your way against tougher enemies and be rewarded.
Dungeon Defense
Our server features a scripted event which is inspired by Dungeon Defenders. Battle waves of enemies on various difficulties by setting up defenses to protect your crystal.

How to connect

Our server is currently running on the latest retail version. (
Any 9.2.7 client should work. If you face problems, do not hesitate to ask for support on Discord.

1. You can download the client from Battle.net itself. Battle.net Launcher

2. After ensuring you have a Shadowlands 9.2.7 client, Navigate to the folder where World of Warcraft was installed to. You can find this by going into the Battle.net Application, clicking the "gear" icon next to Play, and checking the Install Location under Game Settings Imgur Highlights

3. Download our launcher here and point the Install Location to the game directory.

4. After the launcher is initialized, click the Play button and attempt to login. If you face problems, you can ask for support on Discord


If you face problems with our launcher, or have problems using our launcher you may try using the Arctium Game Launcher directly. You will have to set the realmlist on your own.

Arctium Steps:

1. Download the Arctium WoW Launcher here, and extract it into your WoW Directory Folder.

2. Open the _retail_ folder, open the WTF folder, open Config.WTF in notepad and find SET portal "US" or your region's varient, and change it to SET portal "game.shadows-embrace.com"

3. Open the Arctium WoW Launcher and try to login.