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Choose your covenant and freely switch between them, along with choosing your soulbind. There are no restrictions to switching covenants, conduits, or soulbinds. Visit the Covenant Robot in the mall!
Custom M+ System
Along with custom dungeons, the server also features a custom mythic+ system. Battle your way against tougher enemies and be rewarded.
Dungeon Defense
Our server features a scripted event which is inspired by Dungeon Defenders. Battle waves of enemies on various difficulties by setting up defenses to protect your crystal.

News & Announcements

Server News

Dear Players,


Dragonflight beta realm currently offline


Eternity realm will upgrade to Dragonflight soon


Shadowlands still online, however it will currently not recieve updates until it's updated to Dragonflight.

You can download older shadowlands exe and place in retail folder here if you wish to play Eternity realm