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Choose your covenant and freely switch between them, along with choosing your soulbind. There are no restrictions to switching covenants, conduits, or soulbinds. Visit the Covenant Robot in the mall!
Custom M+ System
Along with custom dungeons, the server also features a custom mythic+ system. Battle your way against tougher enemies and be rewarded.
Dungeon Defense
Our server features a scripted event which is inspired by Dungeon Defenders. Battle waves of enemies on various difficulties by setting up defenses to protect your crystal.


Changes made on 2022/06/08
Custom Content
 After defeating Urgoz in Torghast, the next quest will now allow you to teleport to the next part on the Magic Stone incase the portal isn't active.
 Implemented Vignette system, now bosses show on the mini-map in dungeons
 The quest "Another Portal" will now be completed when entering Telogrus from the Magic Stone
 Fixed Adageor not being interactable (Dreadscar)
 Improved intro skipper NPC
 Fixed many more causes of server crash
 Fixed tooltip after enhancing an item.
 Disabled Transport Pathfinding for now (zepplins, ships, not yet used for custom)
 Fix over 10 cases of server crash
 Fixed reputation quartermasters not letting you buy mounts after reaching required rep
 Fixed using shop from character screen
 Fixed toy vendor
 Who List now updates more frequently
 Fixed multiple causes of server crash
 Fixed client not being able to see creatures in Mythic+ Difficulty
 Fixed a cause of server crash.
 Fix 2 causes of server crash/freeze
 Leech now has a reduced effectiveness in M+, depending on the challenge level
 Prideful's damage has been buffed, depending on the challenge level
 Leaving a M+ before looting the chest will now mail you missed items
 Level Limit upped to 50
 Thunderfury damage portion has been nerfed.
 Fixed Chaos Bane
 Fix Rapid Fire
 Fix Explosive Shot
 Fix Precise Shots
 Fix Volley
 Fixed Harpoon Charge effect
 Fixed Steeltrap
 Fixed Flare
 Fixed Freezing Trap
 Fixed Tar Trap
 Fixed Wildfire Bomb
Night Fae
 Fixed Soulshape granting maximum health
 Fixed proc of Called Shot to only proc from crits
 Grove Invigoration proc rate has been reduced if it's not a covenant spell being cast
 Fix Vorkai Ambush
 Fix Hold the Line
 Fix First Strike
 Fix Face Your Foes
 Fix Get In Formation
 Fix Vorkai Sharpening Techniques
 Fix Wild Hunt's Charge
 Fix Horn of the Wild Hunt
 Fix Cunning Dreams
 Fix Field of Blossoms
 Fix Faerie Dust
 Fix Soothing Voice
 Fix Run Without Tiring
 Fix Carver's Eye
 Fix Ravenous Pendant
 Fix Heimer's Arsenal: Gorestomper, Marrowed Gemstone
 Fix Resourceful Fleshcrafting
 Fix Runeforged Spurs
 Fix Serrated Spaulders
 Fix Forgeborne Reveries
 Fix Cartilaginous Legs
 Fix Cartilaginous Legs
 Fix Resilient Stiching
 Fix Gristled Toes
 Fixed Kevin's Oozeling
 Fixed Viscous Trail
 Fixed Plaguey's Preemptive Strike
 Implemented the Volatile Solvent Conduit, Fleshcraft will now grant buffs on corpses consumed, depending on their creature type
 Implemented Fleshcraft's "consume" effect, now fleshcraft's cooldown will be reduced if you haven't consumed the corpses aroung you yet.
 Fix Sulfuric Emission Conduit
Death Knight
 Fixed Bonestorm
 Fixed Between the Eyes
Demon Hunter
 Fixed PvP Talent Mortal Dance to only proc from death sweep/blade dance
 Fel Rush should now work as intended
 Fixed Kyrian Covenant spell Elysian Decree
 Fix Immolation Aura initial damage burst
 Fix Sigil of Silence
 Fix Sigil of Misery
 Fix Sigil of Flame
 Fix Sigil of Chains
 Fix Vengeance Soul Fragments not working
 Fix swapping specs not working
 Ellusive Anima Accelerator should now cast at the position where your covenant spell was cast at.
 Fix Reactive Retrofitting
 Fix Soulglow Spectrometer
 Fix Sparkling Driftglobe Core
 Fix Hammer of Genesis
 Fix Soulsteel Clamps
 Fix Resilient Plumage
 Fix Charged Additive
 Fix Forgelite Filter
 Fix Hope Springs Eternal
 Fix Light the Path
 Fix Spear of the Archon
 Fix Resonant Accolades
 Fix Pointed Courage
 Fix Bearer's Pursuit
 Fix Cleansing Rites
 Fix Ascendant Phial
 Fix Mentorship
 Fix Valiant Strikes
 Fix Path of the Devoted
 Fix Better Together
 Fix Let Go of the Past