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Choose your covenant and freely switch between them, along with choosing your soulbind. There are no restrictions to switching covenants, conduits, or soulbinds. Visit the Covenant Robot in the mall!
Custom M+ System
Along with custom dungeons, the server also features a custom mythic+ system. Battle your way against tougher enemies and be rewarded.
Dungeon Defense
Our server features a scripted event which is inspired by Dungeon Defenders. Battle waves of enemies on various difficulties by setting up defenses to protect your crystal.

News & Announcements

Server is now open!

The server is now open for everyone to join!


After you create your account, you can view how to connect here.


We look forward to seeing you in game, and hearing your opinions on what we have so far, and possible improvements!

Delayed Release for Patch 9.2.5

We have decided to delay our release for the new 9.2.5 patch from retail. Since we are trying to stay up to date with current retail development, the new patch would naturally cause issues. Now that the new patch has been released, we are working to implement that into our core, then fixing any bugs that will cause, then we will be ready for our Early Access release.

Early Access (Shadowlands)

After months of development, we have decided to finally open up the Eternity realm for early access.

Realm Features:

Maximum Haste (Free for all players)
Custom Storyline
Item Upgrading System
Corruption Item Enhancements
Legendary Weapons
Covenant/Soulbind System
Custom Dungeons
Custom M+ System
Allied Races Unlocked
All Race All Classes enabled
Crossfaction Enabled
Dungeon Defense Event
Magic Stone for teleporting to various locations
Working Classes
Custom Scripted Quests